Maria Warnes

5 Cool Things – February 2018


This song which was composed by an AI program called Amper which was then re-arranged by artist Taryn. Something we could be seeing more of in the future.


This site highlights the hostility in some public space designs. Designs like spikes and benches with unnecessary arm rests to discourage “improper” use.


My favourite part about the opening ceremony from this years Winter Olympics was the co-ordinated drone light display. The display was implemented by a team at Intel.


One of the differences between Israelis and Palestinians is their languages. Type designer Liron Lavi Turkenich decided to join Arabic and Hebrew into one typeface. She took the bottom half of Arabic, and the top half of Hebrew, and combined them together. This created new letterforms that both Israelis and Palestinians can read.


Lots of places in the world have problems with access to clean water. This project by non-profit group Dar Si Hmad involves installing “fog catchers”. The fog catchers catch water droplets from fog in their mesh which can then form clean drinking water.